Educational Grants


Kathy was a dedicated and talented Advanced Skills Teacher. She worked tirelessly for the pupils in her care, and supported many other Primary School Teachers during her career.

With this in mind, after Kathy died and the Trust was set up, the Trustees decided that one of its two aims should be ‘To raise achievement in Primary Schools, particularly in Kathy’s favourite subject areas of Literature, Science, Music, P.E. and outdoor activities’.

Since 2008, the Trust has awarded many grants to fund projects in primary schools in the Borough of Charnwood in Leicestershire.

How to Apply

Any Head teacher of a Primary or Special School in the Charnwood  area is eligible to apply for a grant from the Trust.

Each year, the Trustees decide on that year’s topic; recently ‘Forest  Schools’ has been added to the list.

There is a clear Application Procedure and this is explained in an ‘Initial Project Letter’.

Project submissions can be in any format but must include: details of the project and how it meets the Trust’s aims; an explanation of how it will raise pupils’ achievement in the selected topic area; information on how the project will be monitored; evaluation methods; and, very importantly, a detailed breakdown of the project’s costs.

Head teachers are usually informed, within 2 weeks of their  submission, whether their application has been successful.


What is each grant worth?

The usual grant is £500 but this amount may be increased as long as  the rationale supports additional funding.

Part-payment is made at the start of the project and the remainder is  paid on completion.

At the end of the project, Trustees usually visit the school to see what  their funding has achieved. They also talk to the children about Kathy and the Trust. Finally, they present a LARGE cheque to the children and use this as an opportunity to publicise the Katherine Jacobs Trust.

How to apply


Just email the Education Projects Trustee, Sylvia Cole, on or telephone 0116 2352873 for more details