2017-2018 St Winefred’s RC Primary School, Shepshed


A large part of the Key Stage One Curriculum is based around nature. A Trustee’s visit to St Winefred’s revealed a caring, effective internal learning environment, but the Head teacher had already identified that some external areas were less satisfactory. The Trust agreed to fund a project, staffed by teachers, parents and children, which would create outdoor learning and recreational facilities for all pupils. This included the creation of fruit and vegetable plots; a memorial garden for reflection and prayer’; areas of sensory planting; and new storage facilities for tools, books and outdoor equipment. It is intended that, within this environment, children will improve their skills in the core areas of maths, reading and writing, whilst appreciating the ‘magical area’ which their school community has created and co-funded.

This project will conclude at the end of 2017.


RISE Project

The R.I.S.E. project

Over the past two years, The Katherine Jacobs Trust has funded two projects delivered by LPAP, the Loughborough Primary Academies Partnership.

2010 – 2011 (P.E. focus) Highgate Primary School Sileby

The Trust provided soft play equipment for 3-4 year olds. These were mainly big builder bricks and soft activity blocks and shapes

2010 – 2011 (P.E. focus) Cossington Primary School

Aim of the project : To increase levels of physical activity during lunchtimes and play times throughout the school.

“Children have enjoyed having a greater opportunity to play different games and undertake different forms of physical activity at dinner times and increasingly at break times” Teacher

2011 – 2012 (English focus) St Bartholomew’s Primary School

Their grant funded Sarah-Jane Arbury, a poet from Bristol who led the first teacher day of the year.
“Sarah-Jane led a series of group activities that culminated in a variety of writing tasks. The highlight of the morning for many was when we divided into groups to write and perform a poem about the individuals in the group.”

Holywell Primary School: 2012 – 13

A year long programme designed to raise the quality of teaching and learning at Holywell
“Your money helped raise standards in Science throughout the school. This has been achieved by encouraging teachers to organise more “hands-on" science exercises.”


2012 – 2013 (Science focus) Highgate Primary School

Purchased science equipment for year one children.
“I believe that the extra science resources have been extremely beneficial in helping to further the children's existing knowledge by allowing them to explore and investigate through practical activities”

2015–16 (English focus) Ashmount School

Design of a reading scheme aimed at learners requiring age appropriate materials. Ashmount bought a new reading scheme for the school - the trust visited to read with the learners

Stonehill high school

Stonehill high school held a fundraising event selling Cakes by Linda. Linda and Kathy met at University and were long life friends. Linda wanted to support the trust and for a number of years made and sold cakes for the trust - raising over £800 for the trust.